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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Veggies From My Garden

Well, what can I say? I'm just having a great time harvesting my vegetables from my garden like the camote tops, squash flowers and saluyot to name a few. I've been cooking dinengdeng, an Ilocano recipe that we used to cook in our house in the Philippines. I just mix the veggies with fried fish and add some fish sauce and it satisfies my cravings of Filipino foods. The other day I cooked pinakbet na saluyot because I gathered a lot of saluyot leaves from my garden. I ate a lot after I cooked the saluyot. It was like I was in the Philippines while I was eating the saluyot with fish. Yummy...By the way, all my vegetables in my garden are organic, no fertilizers or pesticides.

1 comment:

juliana said...

you are really teasing me manang. how I wish magkapitbahay nga tayo so I can just go and pick those beauties from your garden. umapalak man nga adda saluyot mo and talbos ng camote.

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