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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tupig Recipe

My late grandma used to make tupig and sell it to our neighbors when I was a kid. I remember, she cooked it in front of our house and a lot of people came to buy. Her tupig were always sold out. When my grandma passed away, her recipe was passed on to my aunt and she made delicious tupig too. Unlike the tupig that they sell in the streets in Urdaneta wherein their tupig are full of grated matured coconuts and don't taste good, the tupig that my folks made were exceptional. I don't like the tupig being sold in the bus stations in our province because they are not worth a flip. I'm proud of the tupig that my folks made. Our neighbor also make delicious tupig and most people in our town order from her to send abroad.

3 pcs grated matured coconut
2 pcs. grated young coconuts
4 cups water
3/4 cup molasses or brown sugar
1 c white refined sugar
1-1/2 ganta (or 2 kilos) finely ground glutinous rice
100 pc 9" x 6" banana leaves


Extract milk from grated coconut with boiled water.

Dissolve molasses in coconut milk until smooth and lump-free.

Add sugar then set aside.

Pour ground rice in an aluminum vessel, make a well at the center and add the coconut milk - sugar mixture gradually.

Mix it using your hands but be sure to wash first, to form a thick batter.

Wrap individually (about 3 tbsp. batter) in greased, wilted banana leaf.

Bake in preheated oven at 375 oF until golden brown. But it's better to cook it in a clay pan over a burning fire of woods. That's the way we cook it in our house in the Philippines.


alf said...

hay naku, miss ko na'to, i remember we always buy this when we go to dagupan.

Elsie said...

Hello Lis,
Thank you for your Tupig Recipe. I just tasted it in going back to Manila from Baguio last Sept 7th. I am from Los Angeles and I am part of a 6-Women Team who went to Baguio for a Short Term Mission. We were with Kalinga Ministry and our target is the "Red Light District" and the "Beloveds" there.I fell in love with TUPIG, I thought the man said TUBIG. I am glad my friend JANE bought some. I got hooked and have been asking around here in Los Angeles who sells them. Seing the ingredients, it seemed do-able. I know I will try but I am already sure it will not be as good as your Grandma's or Aunt's! MOST OF ALL, thank you for your testimony...of your LOVE for the LORD JESUS CHRIST and declaring it in this website. I pray that MANY will read your testimony and be blessed by it! GOD BLESS YOU and your loved ones!

Elsie E Bautista
La Mirada, California

Cee said...

Aloha Lisa,
I was searching for this Tupig recipe and thanks for posting it! Can you please tell me how much is a Ganta in your measurements for the recipe?

Anonymous said...

hi, just a question. why is coconut in the recipe? :D

Anonymous said...

Tupig 1 of the Pangasinense's Pride.. Maka pa Miss lasin Kanen... Salien koy Mangawa diad Malaysia isan ko ilako ed saray filipinod dya, ay sigurado masalisaliw..

vivian ;-j said...

To Anonymous on March 18, 2010-- This may be a long overdue response but better late than never, right? There are two reasons for using coconut: First, the matured coconut is to extract coconut milk from as directed. You could use canned or powdered coconut milk, but they won't be as good as freshly squeezed coconut milk. Second, the young coconut bits are mixed into the batter (not butter)for texture and to enhance flavor, after which is wrapped in banana leaves and baked. I hope this info helps.

vivian ;-j said...

Aloha Cee! This is also a long overdue response to your question on February 16, 2009... One Ganta is equivalent to about 2.25 kilos or 5 pounds

Yhzan Serafin said...

what is ganta?

Lisa said...

ganta is a unit of measurement for rice in the olden days in the Philippines

1 ganta of rice is equivalentl to about 1-1/2 kilograms

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