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Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting healthy in 2012

Guest post written by James Grant

One thing that I really want to do in 2012 is finally get my health in line. I have high cholesterol and I really need to change around my diet and my lifestyle so that I can get to a much healthier place.

I've been doing research on how to get healthy in a realistic way. I know that I'm not going to want to go out and run a marathon, ever. So I'm trying to take a realistic approach. While I was online looking up that stuff, I ran across the site miracle ear. I looked through it and decided to go and get fitted with some hearing aids, like people have suggested to me before.

I'm also going to hire a personal trainer, because I know that if I'm paying someone to tell me how to exercise, I actually will do all that they tell me to do if at first to just get my money's worth! I'm hoping that I'll start feeling a lot better too so that it will serve as even more motivation.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year 2012 Celebration

This maybe a late post but it's better late than never. Lat New Year's eve, I was so busy preparing and cooking for our Media Noche. It was only me and hubby plus my brother who celebrated New Year so I didn't really prepared a lot. Just enough for us and also included some to give away to my neighbor. Hubby helped by making his favorite potato salad. I made first the fruit salad because it's the easiest one to make. I just open the cans of fruit cocktail and mix it with the Nestle cream and a little condensed milk. After mixing I put it in the fridge.

Next thing I did was to cook the chicken barbeque. I marinated  the chicken a few hours before so I just had to put it in the wooden stick and cooked it in the electric grill. When it's done cooking, I cooked the hotdogs in the frying pan and then put it in the barbeque stick and I added colored marshmallows for good presentation. I didn't cook pancit because hubby said he got tired eating it. We didn't buy a cake either because it's only the three of us. So midnight strike, all people were busy making noise in the streets and lighting firecrackers and fireworks. I called my hubby and my brother to come and eat the foods prepared on the table. We thank God for blessing us the past year and also for giving us another year. Happy 2012! Thank you Lord!

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