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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Beef Stew Got Burned!

After lunch today, I decided to cook beef stew for our supper. I put the pot on the gas range with the meat and all the ingredients. I wanted to cook it slow to make the beef tender. While it was cooking, I came here infront of the computer and did my blogging. I got so engrossed blogging and also visiting other blogs that I forgot the time. Then I started to smell something was burning. It was my beef stew! I went to see it and the stew was already dry, no more water and started to burn. I had to turn off the gas range and transferred the beef stew to another pot. The bottom part was already burned but the the top and the middle part was still okay. Whew! Me and my blogging. I can't really do two things at a time or I will end burning the foods that I'm cooking.

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