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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Page Rank Went Down

I was so happy a few days ago that this blog of mine got a new layout but yesterday I was so disappointed. The PR of this blog was demoted. It went down from PR 2 to PR 1. I wasn't that surprised no more since three of my blogs were ripped off of their PRs a few months ago. First, My Colorful World blog was ripped off of its PR 2, then My Online Journal and Thoughts Of Me were ripped off of its PR 3 several months ago and never gained back the lost PRs. Those blogs of mine had made me money when they still have the PR. Until now they still do but it's not as much as it used to be. PR really helped in paid blogging.

But what really puzzled me is my blog Precious Words which was slapped by Google of its PR 2. I don't do sponsored reviews in that blog. It's purely devotional, inspirational and personal testimonies were posted in that blog authored by me and my hubby. Why did the high and mighty G took away the PR. I just don't understand. Anyway, since that blog is not for making money, it's okay. It just made me wonder what's the basis of mighty G in ripping off the PR from that blog. I know a lot of bloggers' income were affected with this PR ripped off by mighty Google and that includes me.


vicy said...

Hello!!Visiting you today..Am sorry about your PR's..I think thats what usually happen when changing the layout..My PR before changing my layout was 4 but it went to 0 and went back to 2 now at least..I don't have much paid reviews now from some sites since my PR went down..huhuhu!!

juliana said...

hey manang take it with a grain of salt.

mine are now all 0, and I take it as more time to do other things like my paper scraps which has taken a back seat. the lair blog had its PR since January started at 4, then 3 then 2 and just today 0. my library ganun din shorter nga lang ang life span as it started as 4 last March then 3 then 0 two weeks ago. yung world never got any because that was the blogspot which ahd PR 2 when I transferred to WP.

it's not with the new layout, I don't think so. kung ano na lang "trip" ng G hahaha. I don't know, haka-haka ko lang yun.

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