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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scrambled Eggs With Vegetables

My hubby love to eat eggs especially scrambled, omelet, deviled, sunny side up, poached, boiled, etc. In fact he can eat 3 or more in one meal. I told him he need to slow down because anything that is too much is not good health wise. 

Usually, our breakfast are scrambled eggs with bread because it's easier to prepare and besides hubby don't eat rice for breakfast. So this morning I cooked scrambled eggs but this time I put some veggies on it. I used to put onions and salt only but this time I experimented on adding some veggies and the result was really good. I picked some organic bell pepper from my garden and added some onions, garlic and tomatoes. Here's my humble recipe:


3 pcs eggs
cooking oil (olive/regular)
1 medium onion
2-3 cloves garlic
green bell peppers
red tomatoes
salt and pepper
quick-melt cheese or feta cheese (optional)


1. Wash veggies.
2. Chop/mince garlic and onions. Cube bell peppers and tomatoes.
3. Add seasoning (salt and pepper) to the eggs before beating.
4. Heat the pan and put oil.
5. Add the garlic and then the onions.
6. Add the tomatoes and bell pepper. Add some salt.
7. Add egg (scrambled).
8. Add quick-melt cheese while still hot before serving.

Tip: Serve with rice, bread or potatoes.

Serves 2-3 people
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