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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Refrigerator Cake

This recipe is one of the family's favorites. We've been having this for years during birthdays and other special occasions. Hubby love it and my 2 nephews can't get enough of it every time I share it to them. It's a no bake cake and it's so easy to make. No need to light your oven and make you kitchen hot. Try making it and it will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.    

    2 packs of graham crackers
    1 can halves peaches (sliced thinly) 
    1 small can condensed milk 
    3 packs all purpose cream 
    1 cup evaporated milk (for dipping crackers)


1. Mix the condensed milk and cream together.
2. Slightly Dip graham cracker one by one in evaporated milk.
3. Place a layer of graham cracker at the bottom of your container.
4. Add a layer of mix condensed milk and cream on top of the graham crackers.
5. Be generous, make sure that the cream covers all of the graham crackers.
6. Repeat procedure until you reached the desired layers you want, top with peaches.
7. Put in a refrigerator, serve cold.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Black Beans

Beans is hubby's favorite. He love any kinds of beans but most especially pinto beans. It's not easy to find it here in the Philippines though. We only buy that when we go to SM. The grocery stores here don't have it. So as substitute, we often buy mung beans and black beans instead. Hubby love it too but not as much as the pinto beans.

I learned how to cook black beans from my brother. He's a good cook and hubby love his cooking. Now I can cook black beans better than before. Hubby had been enjoying my cooking and we are both gaining weight.

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