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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get Together Party

Well, we had a blast last Mother's day in our house. Our friends came to see us. It's the second time that I met my online friend Ging and her hubby Craig from Maryland. They had a business trip to San Antonio and they decided to drive 7 hours from there to our house here in Texas to meet us. It's a long drive and I appreciate their time in coming here to see us and they invited with them their friends Josie and Jeffrey and their daughter from Red Oaks. James and Sofia were still here that day. Of course in every gathering, foods are always present. My friend Ann and I prepared some Filipino foods for our guests. We had pancit, meat loaf, lumpia, sinigang na bangus, pork and chicken adobo. Hubby made banana pudding for dessert and I made pecan pie. Our friends Arlene and Raul brought fruit salad, ripe mangoes and pitsi-pitsi, a native delicacy. We had 13 visitors plus me and my hubby, a total of 15 people in our small house. We had a full house and hubby and I enjoyed their company. We really had a good time talking and chatting with each other.

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