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Monday, May 19, 2008

Tips On How To Fillet A Fish

First wash the fish until it feels fresh and clean. Make a cut just behind the fin. Slice along the backbone of the fish to the tail. The bones of the rib cage will be left on the meat.

Turn the fillet over skin down then start from the tail and fillet towards the head to remove the skin.

Then turn the fillet over and cut down the center to remove the bones along the blood line.

After you fillet the fish and cut the center bones out then feel with your fingers to see if there are any more bones in it. As always you want to make sure you have all the small bones removed. Wash and chill the filleted fish.


Ladynred said...

That's too much work for me Lis but it wouldn't hurt to try it sometime. It's not fun to play with
Cooking and Baking

Paula said...

I have been wondering how to fillet a fish but was just too lazy to actually find out how. You demonstrated it so well that I think I will try it for the first time.

Cathy said...

Too much work I agree with LadynRed.

Just throw it on the fire or grill, dip it in vinegar with garlic and rice on the side and finally, eat it with your hand. Mmm, I miss those days back home.

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