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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tips In Handling Fresh Meat

If ordering fresh meat, check the quantity ordered:

* Is packaging intact and seals not broken?
* Is the package visually acceptable - i.e. looks pleasant, no deterioration, colour acceptable and limited fat?
* Check the expiry date
* Is it labelled correctly?
* Check temperature readout from the vehicle should be no more than +1°C. Once delivery is completed, store immediately in the refrigerator.


* Keep meat in packaging and put into a B.S. tin and store on the bottom shelf and cover
* Raw and cooked foods must be kept separate
* Raw food is stored at the bottom of the fridge and cooked foods above on a higher shelf
* Ensure strict stock rotation and 'use within' dates
* Stock refrigerator shelves to allow cold air circulation
* Ensure that refrigerator is kept clean and sanitised at all times


* Good personal hygiene is essential, wash hands before, during and after when handling raw meat
* Clean the work surfaces, equipment and utensils before starting
* Puncture and remove meat packaging. Note meat is vacuum-packed and on opening the film a slight odour is usually discernible, but should quickly disappear on exposure to air
* Allow meat to stand for 10 minutes, then use
* Minimise handling of raw meat
* Surfaces and equipment must be sanitised after use


* All meat must be thoroughly cooked
* Roasting joints need to be sealed then cooked in the oven
* Minced and diced meat should be cooked as normal

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