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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top Seven Countries

As we celebrate the United Nations month this October, I'd like to start this chain of the top 7 countries I like or admire the most.
The list below are based on the places that I already been/traveled and want to visit someday.

1. Philippines- my native land and where my heart is.
2. USA- My second home.
3. Japan- I want to visit my friend Sofia and her family. I miss them.
4. Switzerland- Because they have beautiful parks and sceneries there.
5. Italy- Because I think it's a historical place.
6. Hong Kong- Because I want to shop there.
7. Australia - Because I want to see the land down under and the kangaroos.

Thanks Selina for this tag. I appreciate it girl.

Now I'd like to tag Marly, Richelle, Alf and Ging.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this tag. i enjoyed doing it. it's up now.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia is a beautiful country...

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