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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Burritos For Lunch

Hubby and I had eaten bean burritos for our lunch today. I didn't have time to cook because I woke up late. I didn't make the burritos. I don't know how to make it and haven't tried yet. My hubby bought the bean burritos in the store. It's been a while since we ate burritos so I requested him to buy yesterday. I just cooked it in the oven because I don't have microwave now. I disposed my microwave a couple of years ago since I learned the bad effects of using it. Anyways, we enjoyed the burritos and it was filling.

1 comment:

Selina Tankersley said...

Oh am scared na rin to use my microwave, I really wanna get rid of it but my hubby can't live without it.

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