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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Cooked Pinto Beans and Collard Greens

I've been busy today doing house chores like doing the laundry and cooking. I haven't been cooking that much lately because I've been lazy. Most of the time, hubby and I just eat sandwiches. Sometimes I baked burritos and taquitos that my hubby bought in the store. I've been craving to eat other foods especially Filipino foods. But the problem was, I was not in the mood to cook lately.

Today was one of those days that I cooked some foods for our supper. Just after I ate lunch (sandwich again) I cooked pinto beans. I also cooked the collard greens which I harvested from my garden a few days ago. My hubby love the way I cook them. Of course I cooked rice too that goes with the beans and collard greens. Right now while I'm typing this, hubby is already eating and he said all of the foods I cooked taste good.

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