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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Blog Codes Messed Up

I was so upset when I checked out this blog of mine this morning and found out that the layout of this blog was messed up. I was wondering what happened and so I had to send a message to Ivy asking her to help me fix the problem because she was the one who made this nice blog layout of mine. I was so restless so I checked the layout codes and I found out it was messed up. I had to compare it with the codes of my other blog Precious Words that Ivy had made for me and found out what was wrong in my blog. The IZEA claim codes was inserted somewhere in between the codes so I had to delete it and voila, my codes are working now. I really don't know how the codes had messed up because I didn't edit the codes. That's a puzzle to me but I will not rack my brain thinking how it happened. I was blog hopping after I fixed my blog and I found one blog who has the same problem. I don't know if the blog owner is already aware of what happened to his blog and I'm pretty sure he would be wondering too once he found out. But I'm relieved that my blog is okay now so blogging goes on.

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