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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tinolang Manok (Filipino Chicken Soup)

Hubby and I went to SM Rosales yesterday with my sister and her hubby. We bought groceries there. I bought chicken and we had it for supper tonight. Vivian was the one who cooked and we we're supposed to have chicken afritada tonight but she said she wants some tinolang manok so she cooked both. I remember my late grandma used to cook native chicken for tinola and it was soooo good. I can't cook tinola like she did. She was the expert. Anyways, here the recipe for tinolang manok.


1 kilo whole chicken, cut into pieces.
1 small young papaya or sayote, cut into small pieces.
2 tablespoons ginger, crushed and slliced into strips
1/2 cup dahon ng sili (chili leaves) or malunggay leaves
1 liter of water
5 garlic cloves, minced
1 red onion, diced
4 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons patis (fish sauce)


1. In a stock pot, heat oil and sauté garlic, onion and ginger.
2. Add water and the chicken.
3. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until chicken is almost done.
4. Season with patis
5. Add papaya and continue to simmer for an additional 5 minutes or until papaya softens but not overcooked.
6. Add sili leaves then turn off the heat.
7. Serve steaming hot on a bowl with plain rice on the side.

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