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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Suman Sa Ibus

Yesterday, my brother cut the coconut tree in front of our house. We gathered the young leaves and my sister and I decided that we gonna make suman sa ibus, a native delicacy made of glutinous rice. It was our first time to make this kind of suman. We used to make suman wrapped in banana leaves. We bought 2 kilos of glutinous rice and 2 grated matured coconuts for the main ingredients. Though it was our first time to make suman wrapped in coconut leaves, the outcome turned out good. It was so yummy! We ate it this morning and also for our snacks this afternoon. Here's the recipe.


3 cups glutinous rice
2 teaspoons salt
2 cups thick coconut milk


1. Cook glutinous rice in water with the coconut milk and salt in a pan. Mix it well by stirring constantly until it's half cooked.
2. Prepare ibus then fill with rice mixture.
4. Seal tubes and tie with strips of the ibus.
5. Arrange the suman in a big saucepan and cover with water.
6. Cover the pot and boil for 1 hour or until cooked.
7. Serve with sugar or ripe mango.

How to wrap Suman Sa Ibus

* Fold the end of the coconut leaf by 1 ½ inches.
* Fold the bottom edge into a triangle.
* Start rolling up the coconut leaf in an overlapping manner.
* Roll up the buri to make a tube.
* Attach a small piece of wooden pick to secure the tube.
* Fill the tube with glutinous rice.
* Seal the ibus tube.
* Tie with strips of buri.

1 comment:

Mommy Liz said...

Ay ang sarap nyan, kapag umuwi kami dyan sa Pinas, kakain ako ng maraming suman.

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