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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Foods For Hubby

Here are a couple of foods that I cooked which my hubby love to eat. I admit, I've been cooking these for him very often and sometimes I get tired cooking and eating them but my hubby don't. I prefer eating rice, vegetables and fish and I can eat it everyday while hubby prefer eating mash potatoes, burgers, steak and bread. It's a good thing that hubby had already adjusted to our cooking and he learned to eat our foods. He's not that picky with his foods compared to some foreigners that I know. Hubby told me that before he met me, he used to eat only American and Mexican foods. It was his first time to eat Filipino foods when he came to the Philippines in 2002 to meet me. Since then, he learned to eat and appreciate Filipino foods.

Here are my chicken afritada and mash potatoes.

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