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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hubby Loves To Drink Coffee

My hubby loves to drink coffee every morning. His day would not be complete without drinking his favorite black coffee as soon as he got up from bed. He used to brew his coffee and he seldom drink instant coffee. But since we came her in my homeland to do missionary works, he can't find his favorite brewed coffee so he shifted to instant coffee. We need to go to the big grocery stores to find his brand of coffee.

He also started to drink chocolate drinks like Ovaltine. I think he would be delighted if I will buy him one of those Espresso Machines that I've seen online. He never own one yet because he said it's pricey. Well, he will be receiving his pension in a couple of months and maybe with my blogging income we can earn the money to buy one for him. Besides, we don't have any kids to support, just the two of us so why not splurge one in a while. Maybe when we have a espresso machine, I will learn how to make a latte or cappuccino for me and my hubby. I can make some too for our guests, visitors and friends.Hubby Loves

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