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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ginataang Bilu-bilo Once Again



One of my favorite snacks here in the Philippines is ginataang bilu-bilo. We used to have this when we were kids because my late mom loved to cook this. Since we've been here in the Philippines, I cooked this many times already. At first I didn't do it right but on my 2nd and 3rd try, I did it better. It tasted and looked better compared with my first try. I think, next time I will cook it, it will be perfect, wink!


2 c glutinous rice flour and water
6 c of coconut milk (about 2 pieces coconuts)
5 pcs saging na saba
2 pcs medium cassava
1 c of ripe jack fruit
½ tbsp anise seeds
1 c sago
sugar to taste


Peel and cut into desired sizes the saging na saba and cassava. Add just enough water to glutinous rice and mix it. Form the glutinous rice into tiny balls or bilu-bilo. Prepare strands of langka for aroma and have 1 c sago ready.

Extract milk from the ground coconut by adding 2 cups of water; set aside the first extraction or coconut cream, which should yield about 2 cups of coconut milk. Add another 4 cups of water to already extracted ground coconut and from it, extract a less concentrated coconut milk; this is your 2nd extraction.

Cut the jack fruit flesh into strips.

Let the second extraction of coconut milk boil in a big pot with the cassava; once boiling, put in the saging na saba, glutinous rice balls, jack fruit, sago and anise seeds. Add more water as needed.

Add sugar according to your taste and let it cook. Put in the coconut cream and let it boil once just before serving.

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