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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mixed Veggies

Once again, I cooked my favorite veggies which I love and I won't get tired eating. It's a combination of squash, okra and bitter gourd mixed with ground beef. I taught my American hubby to eat veggies. Before he met me, he told me he didn't like to eat veggies. All he ate were hamburger sandwiches, pizzas, potatoes, beans, chicken fried steak, etc. But after we got married, I always cooked veggies and I introduced it to him. He began to eat and like it. He told me that the veggies I cooked taste a lot better than the veggies being cooked in the US. I have to agree with that. Hubby and I went to eat many times to buffet restaurants in the US but the veggies they serve there don't taste that good. It has a so-so taste according to hubby unlike my cooking which is so yummy and delicious.

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