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Friday, January 9, 2009


My hubby and I are in the Philippines right now. We're having a great time eating Filipino dishes and today my brother cooked buridibod. I missed eating this Ilocano recipe and today my craving has been satisfied. The food was great and my siblings and their family were all in the house and we had a good time eating. I was surprised that my American husband enjoyed eating buridibod. He said it's good food. After we ate our lunch, my hubby wanted to eat ice cream so I asked my brother to go buy ice cream for us. We really had a blast.

3 pcs camote
1/2 lb katuray
1/4 lb parda
4 pcs eggplant
10 pcs malunggay fruits
fried fish or ground beef
fish sauce

Boil some water in a pot for the fish sauce. Peel the camotes and cut them in to cubes. Clean and wash the katuray, and parda. Peel and cut the malunggay leaves. after the fish sauce is boiled for some time, put in the camote cubes first and let it cook. here, you can prefer your buridibod somewhat drier or soft and pulpy. if you want a pulpy buridibod, boil the camotes some more or you can mash it by using a ladle. But mash it not too mushy so enough broth remain. you have to retain enough broth for your souping purposes. when the camotes are cooked, put in the malunggay, katuray, talong and parda and let it cook for some time. Serve with rice.


Ilocana said...

Ay, sarap naman yan manang Lis! Kainggit ka naman. I was just talking to my sister on the phone yesterday and all we talked about were some of our ilocano foods like our pinakbet, nakaka-miss talaga!

Enjoy your vacation. Kelan balik nyo? Pasalubong ha?(joke):)

Hazelicious929 said...

Hello Lisa! My mom is Ilokana. She cooks ilokano foods and I really love it!

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