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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fitness Business Cards

I'm so sleepy tonight. In a little while I will hit the bed but I have to make this post yet. Tomorrow, hubby and I need to wake up early and do our morning exercise which is of course walking. I haven't been into it the past couple of months since my li'l sister was sick. I had to stay with her most of the time and attended to her need. I've seen a newly opened fitness establishment. I wanted to take hubby there because he too had gained a lot of weight and he needs to shed off those unwanted fats in his belly. I just wonder if they have some fitness business cards so I can call their office and inquire how much they charge their new customers.

This morning before we went to church, hubby tried a few of his shirts and most of it are already tight to him. I told hubby that he need to shake off the unwanted weight. If not, he need to buy new set of clothes to wear on different occasions. Hubby just need to have a determination to go to the gym to exercise and lose weight.

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