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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Facebook App

We all know that there are lots people all over the world who are struggling to recover from their addictions. In fact, I know some people in our place who are having a hard time to stop their vices or addictions. Some people opted to go to a rehab center but for those who can't afford it, they are searching for a place to voice out or express how they feel and get some insights and suggestions too. Well, if you know somebody who has the same problem as above, why not tell them to join InTheRooms , a social networking in the world wide web.

For those who have never heard of In The Rooms, well, it is an online recovery community with more than 50,000 members worldwide that connect regularly to form one of the biggest recovery social networking sites on the web. If you signed up in Facebook, you can now add the InTheRooms Facebook App to your Facebook profile and if you know somebody who is in the process of recovery then you can invite him or her to join and share their experiences. Both hubby an I are in Facebook and we gonna have to inform our friends about this app. I'm sure this will help people who are in the recovery process from addiction.

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