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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buridibod, Ilocano Style

Malunggay is in season once again and we have one at the back of our house yielding lots of malunggay every other day. My brother climbed our roof top and got lots of malunggay so we can cook buridibod, an Ilocano recipe. I am an Ilocana so I love this recipe so much. Even my hubby who is a Caucasian learned to love this food. He can eat a lot of malunggay, and he calls it now green hotdogs, lol! We got that name from Aika because that's what her hubby calls it. In fact, while we were eating the malunggay, we were thinking about them. Hope they are here with us so they can enjoy too eating buridibod.

4 pcs camote
6 pcs eggplant
10 pcs malunggay fruits
alukon (baeg)
samsamping (Ilocano word, don't know what they call it in Tagalog)
fried fish or ground beef (I used ground beef)
shallots or onions
fish sauce

Peel the camotes and cut them in to cubes. Clean and wash the samsamping and alukon. Peel and cut the malunggay. Brown the ground beef and put patis and the chopped shallots or onions. Then boil some water in a pot for the fish sauce. Add the ground beef and the camote cubes and let it cook. Here, you can prefer your buridibod somewhat drier or soft and pulpy. if you want a pulpy buridibod, boil the camotes some more or you can mash it by using a ladle. But mash it not too mushy so enough broth remain. you have to retain enough broth for your souping purposes. when the camotes are cooked, put in the malunggay, eggplant and samsamping and alukon and let it cook for some time. Serve with rice.

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Anonymous said...

Love this!! Keep up the good post, Aloha frm Hawaii.

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