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Friday, April 18, 2008


When we went to Fort Worth last Tuesday, we stopped by the Asian store before heading back home. Hubby and I bought some groceries because it's cheaper there than the Asian stores here. We bought some veggies, can goods, rice, pancit noodles, lumpia wrappers, mungo beans and mangoes. Mangoes there are cheap so my hubby decided to buy 2 boxes. Hubby loves mangoes and he first ate it when he was in the Philippines. But the thing is, mangoes here are not as sweet as the mangoes in the Philippines. For me, Philippine mangoes are the best. But for now, it's better than no mangoes at all. In the Philippines, we have 8 native mangoe trees that are now bearing fruits. For sure we will eat to our hearts' content when we go back there.


Ladynred said...

Yummyumm mangos. Oo nga eh masmasarap ang mangga sa atin lalo na sa amin-Davao.I added you in my links na.

Babette said...

Hi Lisa, we love mangoes too. My husband loves Philippine mangoes, especially the ones from Guimaras. He does not like the mangoes here in the US after his first visit to the Philippines in 2003. He said he got spoiled eating Phil. mangoes every morning for breakfast. :)
I also buy a whole box of mangoes from Mexico when they have it in the Asian store.

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AiDiSan said...

Me and my daughter love mangoes too, especially the ripe one, good thing they're in season now and abundantly available in the market.

One time I made mango float and brought some in the office to share it with my fellow analysts.

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