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Monday, March 10, 2008

I Can't Edit My Template Or Put Back My Widgets

I'm getting frustrated with what happened to my template. I switched to classic template because my customized template kept having some problem whenever I view it. Switching to classic template was a big mistake because I can't change or edit my template no more. I can't even add a page element now so I can't put back my widgets. This thing is driving me nuts. I contacted blogger in help group but I got no response yet. I'm so sorry to all my co-bloggers who's links are supposed to appear here. If you happen to read this, please leave me a comment with your blogs' URL. If blogger can't fix this problem in my blog, I will just create a new blog. Sorry for the inconvenience folks. Don't ever switch back to classic template if you are using customized one. You will encounter the same problem I'm facing now. Does anyone encountered the same problem as I have now?


lis said...

Hello, Im here again paying you a visit, hope you enjoy blogging and hopping and you have to see me again, see you at my place. Happy day, bye

Catherine said...

Oh poor bebe, what happened anyway? Luckity I'm paying my visit to you and heard about this bad news..... Don't feel sad, k?

Liza said...

hi lis, sorry to hear this, i hope you can get it back soon.

cheer up!

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