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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crappy Fish

Just look at these crappy fish! One of our friends gave it to us. He went fishing in the lake and he caught a lot of fish. This is the second time that he gave us some of the fish that he caught. He's so generous. I love fish and I cook it Filipino style of course with the head and eyes. Hubby doesn't wanna eat fish with the eyes of the fish looking at him. He want the fish fillet without bones, eyes, head and tails, he-he! I told him that's the way we cook fish in the Philippines. We just fillet it when we eat it. So every time I cook my fish, I have to cook a fish fillet for him too that was bought from Wal Mart. Separate menu of fish. I like to cook my fish with vinegar, salt a lot of onions, garlic, black pepper and ginger. These crappy fish are so delicious. My hubby like his fish fried or baked.

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juliana said...

funny how your husband and Frank thinks the same way. F used to not want to eat fish as you said, with the eyes staring at them. Pero ngayon, he eats fish even with the eyes. He's a convert. Marunong ng magtanggal ng fish bones.

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