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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drink To Your Health

To be honest, I don't drink because I don't like the taste and the effects afterwards especially the hangover. People drink, and it’s usually for a reason like celebration, loneliness, depression, insecurity, stress, or the worst of all, boredom. I’ve rarely seen people drink for reasons other than those. Some people drink because it goes well with food, and that isn’t bothersome to me. If you drink and you’re happy about it, then that’s great for you. I recognize that there are benefits to drinking as well. Sure a glass of wine a day is supposedly good for you. They said that the best bite of your steak is the first bite because steak coats your tongue in a film that inhibits taste. Red wine dissolves that film. The only time I use wine is when I make a fruit cake, lol! If you want to celebrate, then here's a toast for you. Be sure you can control yourself and don't put the wine into your head. Drink to your health! Visit wine online and learn more about wine.

Drink to Your Health infographic from ONEHOPE Wine
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