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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pancit and Lumpia

Since hubby and I got back here in Texas last month, I only had the chance to cook maybe three times because we're enjoying the foods that my step-daughter has been cooking for us. Guess what I cooked? It's none other than the all time favorite of my step-kids and friends, lumpia and pancit of course! Hubby and I had to drive 40 minutes to the Asian market just to buy the lumpia wrappers because they don't sell in the nearby grocery stores. I brought a few packs of pancit noodles from the Philippines so I didn't have to buy it here.

At first I only made 25 pieces of lumpia but it was all gone in a few minutes and  I cooked 1 big pack of pancit. I guess the kids missed my Asian cooking so they enjoyed eating what I cooked. After just a few days, I was in the mood again to cook some lumpia and pancit and this time I made 75 pieces of lumpia. That's a lot, huh! And guess what, it was all gone now, lol! They love my cooking huh!

Last week, I made 50 pieces of lumpia and I gave it to our new pastor and also to our former pastor in our church. They told me my lumpia was really good and they love it. I just wished I took some pics of the lumpia that I cooked but I forgot to do so. Maybe I will next time. I'm supposed to teach a lady in our church how to cook lumpia today but seems like she forgot about it and she's not yet here. Oh well, I will just update my blogs which I haven't done regularly since we've been here in Texas. 

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