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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hubby Cooked Corn Bread and Meat Loaf

Corn bread is one of hubby's favorites. He likes to eat it with chili. Since we were here in my homeland, he missed it terribly. The grocery stores here don't sell any corn meal. We've been to bigger grocery stores but still they don't have it. Boy, was he glad when my God-daughter sent us a corn meal mix! He said it would have been better if it's just the regular corn meal which he can make corn bread from scratch and it's cheaper. He cooked the corn meal mix after he bought some ingredients to cook meat loaf because he said corn bread goes well with meat loaf. He used a round baking dish, I don't know why. We have a rectangular baking dish but he preferred the round one. When it was already cooked, he took it out from the oven and he was in a hurry to slice it. Hence, the result was uneven slices because the corn bread was still hot and soft. The verdict, the corn bread was okay but too sweet for us. The corn meal mix was sweet unlike the corn meal that hubby used to make in Texas. That's the reason why hubby prefer the regular corn meal with no sugar.

Next, hubby cooked the meat loaf. Did I tell that hubby was the one who taught me how to cook meat loaf? I am so glad that he really can cook when he wants too. So here's the meat loaf that he cooked. The verdict, it was yummy to the tummy!

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