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Friday, September 2, 2011

Hubby Wants A Freezer

It's been a year since hubby and I bought a new refrigerator. It's a 12 cubic foot refrigerator with deodorizer inside and a nice pink flowery design in front of its door. They said this is a new arrival. It's been a while that hubby wanted to buy a new and bigger ref because our old refrigerator is so small, only a 6 cubic foot. I like our new ref, it has more room for meat, ice, foods, veggies, etc. Hubby can make now his iced tea and put it there. Before, there was no room for his big pitcher with his tea. We bought our refrigerator on installment basis payable in 6 months and it's already been paid off.

Now my hubby wants to buy one of those new freezers that we have seen in the appliance center where we bought our refrigerator. He said we can store more meat, fruits and vegetables for a longer period of time so we don't have to go to the grocery store very often. He wanted to have even just a medium size freezer, like the one we had in Texas before which I used to store the free-range meats that we purchased from the coop. We used to buy meats from free-range animals and also grass-fed beef and we purchased meats in bulk which is good for a month because the coop only sells meat once a month. If we have a freezer, we could store more meat for a longer period of time.

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