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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is fast approaching and we are back in a dilemma what gifts we gonna buy for the fathers in our church. Last year we gave each of the fathers a hanky and they really love it. It’s usually a chore to buy gifts for adults in our church. Since I am the one in charge in choosing gifts for them, I spend hours and hours thinking what to buy and wandering around retail stores. I just want the task to be completed and voila, I get Corked! This is one great game ideal for fathers who like to play games and enjoy life.

Corked is a hilarious game for 4-12 players. It is intended for a group of outgoing, fun people, and it’s sold in a reusable wine tote bag. Simply put, it’s a party in a bag. The bag contains the game itself plus an open sleeve to hold your bottle. Every player plays on every turn and no one ever performs alone. Unique scoring provides continuous excitement. Hilarious action and interaction. It only takes a minute to learn. The game involves partners acting out crazy items while the entire crowd shouts guesses. Unique scoring rules make for a one-of-a-kind, competitive experience, unlike any other party game. No teams. Every player tries to win individually.

Corked comes in a box with 100 game cards, each containing a set of compound words. To play the game, participants need to pick 2 people to perform, so you’d better choose your smartest, wittiest, coolest friend. The pair would act out the words written on the card, with each one acting out a different word but both will be doing it simultaneously and silently. They have to try their best to portray the words the best way they can. They are of course not allowed to say the words out loud.

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