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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Foods For Lunch

I've been wanting to lose weight but I think it's not possible if I keep cooking my favorite Filipino foods. Today I cooked hubby's favorite adobong pusit and my fave pinakbet for our lunch. I started cooking early because I'm a slow cook. I prepared all the ingredients for pinakbet and I cooked it first. When I was done, I cooked the adobong pusit. I followed the recipe that I watched from Kris TV. When everything were ready, I called hubby to eat lunch with me. The foods were yummy and I overate again. My bad! How can I lose weight if I eat a lot.


Juliana said...

OMG!!! Manang pahingi. Pwedeng pass ako sa adobo ng pusit but that pinakbet with alocon and bunga ti marunggay!!! Ay ay ay!!!! Naglalaway na ako. Kailan kaya ako makakatikim niyan ulit?

Lisa said...

Punta ka dito Juliana, ipagluluto kita nito. Ang daming malunggay dito ngayon kasi panahon niya. Sarap ng pinakbet talaga!

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