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Friday, October 26, 2012

Candies and Chocolates

Candies and chocolates are big hit to my family and to the kids that I taught in Sunday School. Every Sunday, I make it a point to give candies or chocolates to all the kids in our church. This is a way to attract more kids to come on Sundays. Also, I give chocolates to those who were able to memorize the memory verses that I give them each Sunday. To my surprise, it really works. I always see the smile on their faces when I told them they did a good in memorizing and of course the chocolates make them smile the more.

I'm planning to buy more candies and chocolates to stock up on from the candy store to give to the kids in my Sunday school class. Seeing the smile on their faces each time I give them candies and chocolates is priceless. Also, they make me happy when I hear them quoting the memory verses from the Bible. This coming Christmas, we're planning to give candies and chocolates to all the kids during our Christmas celebration. We always do this each year. We also give awards to those who memorized the most of the memory verses and to those kids who will win in the parlor games. For sure, candies and chocolates will be given away.

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