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Friday, September 11, 2009

Celebrating Our Anniversary

My hubby and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Of course if there's a celebration, there are lots of foods to commemorate the event. We bought a goat and my youngest brother butchered it. Then my other brother and his wife and I did the cooking. We started to prepare the ingredients after lunch because the celebration will start at 6:00 PM. We cooked kaldereta, pinapaitan, kilawin, goulash and chop suey. For our dessert we prepared ahead fruit salad mix with agar-agar. This is so good I tell you. We have also made papaya pickles. We finished cooking just in time when the invited friends and neighbors arrived. All the foods that we cooked were all delicious and all the invited guests had a good time eating and celebrating with us. The kaldereta was a hit. It was gone so quick followed by the pinapaitan, an Ilokano recipe.

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Gorgeous MUM said...

Belated Happy 7th Anniversary! Wishing you more and more blissful years of togetherness!

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